No computer

ever had an idea


A creative culture accepts risk


Does your organisation really have a culture that values innovation? Creativity relies on people and personal enthusiasm, but organisations often unintentionally stifle the creativity of people they employ.

Processes that are rightly introduced to control costs, maximise profits, and ensure consistent outputs can accidentally suppress new thinking, reject ideas, and create a culture of fear and blame.

Revising those processes can quickly unlock latent creativity. Embrace the unknown and accept risk. With a few key changes to your company’s culture, from board level onwards, you could spark innovation and inspire new thinking.






Create a different kind of process

where different rules apply

Identify the right people – they may be insiders or not.

Unite them and inspire them with a clear mission.

Give them freedom and autonomy to explore that mission.

Let them play with lots and lots of ideas. Push them.

Test and prototype.

Failures are a step towards success – so long as you learn from them and avoid the blame game.

Funnel down to key propositions that either adapt existing products, or radically reinvent products or processes.

Implement: investing in creation, market-testing, delivery, feedback and then re-creation.

Don't let your good ideas get held down

Remove the ceiling